The Powhatan and Davis Ancestry of John Floyd

The Powhatan and Davis Ancestry of John Floyd Before Opecancanough Powhaten, famous chief of the Powhatans, was murdered while held prisoner, he left a lovely young daughter, Nicketti - "she sweeps dew from the flowers", who met and married in a clandestine marriage ,a member of one of the old Cavalier Virginia families. He was known as Trader Hughes. They had a daughter, Mary Elizabeth Hughes, who married, about 1680, a Welshman (some say a native of Devonshire, England), named Nathaniel Davis, an Indian trader and, possibly a Quaker. One of their daughters married Samuel Burks, another daughter, Martha Davis married Abraham Venable, a son, Robert Davis Sr., the ancestor of the 'black Davises' of Kentucky and from whom Jefferson Davis descended, had a daughter, Abadiah Davis, born 1711, who married William Floyd, the ancestor of the Virginia Floyds. William Floyd left the Eastern shore of Virginia and went inland where he met the Davis family. At that time, this region was very wild and the Davis had done very well trading with the Indians, having gotten a considerable amount of property in some of their trading., Floyd and his in-laws traveled west with some of the first settlers and went to Kentucky where they established a fort called "Floyd's Station"